Author Richard Hargreaves is a leading authority on fitness, nutrition, and training. He is a former Mr Australia bodybuilding title holder and now heads Ironpower Publishing Company which also produces nutritional supplements, skincare products and clothing.

Now aged 59, Richard won the 1984 MR AUSTRALIA title and has been personally training for 50 years. He has owned two gymnasiums {Fitness Factory, Gym 405}, and has promoted many bodybuilding shows, including a World championship (NABBA}. He was Vice President of the Victorian Fitness Industry Association, a committee member for the Fitness Institute of Victoria {A government represented body responsible for self-regulation of the fitness industry including training accreditation of Fitness Leaders and minimum Industry Standards – Code of Ethics},and is a qualified fitness leader and International Physique Judge.

He has written for numerous magazines, including Australian Ironman Bodybuilding magazine, Fitness Australia, Personal Trainer on the Net, Fitness Network Australia, Blitz Martial Arts magazine, and Australian Musclemag. As well as publishing hundreds of books through Ironpower Publishing, he has an online Bodybuilding Course (BodybuildingCourse.com). Previously, Richard could be heard on Melbourne radio GOLD FM with Gavin Wood discussing exercise and diet. He has also appeared as an extra numerous times on Australian TV shows, and with Jackie Chan in Mr Nice Guy. Once, Richard was banned from a TV set for being deemed “too boisterous.”

Richard lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Christine, and daughters Samantha and Amanda.