Black Sheep 16 Month Weekly Planner (January 2019 – April 2020) – Sheep Drawing Cover


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     Tired of all the “ra-ra-ra” ‘you can be anything you aspire to be’ from the motivational gurus?! Well here’s some welcome respite. The 2019-2020 “Black Sheep” Planner by Richard Edward Hargreaves. The B.S. Planner, for short. Why not set the bar so low that just getting through a day is worth a pat on the back? In today’s fast paced world it has become an accepted social norm to overextend in every area of life.

     The B.S. Planner pokes fun at traditional motivational quotes designed to pump and bolster. Ra-ra-ra has been replaced with bah-bah-bah so to speak! There’s one uninspirational and unmotivational quote and image to dwell upon for each month of the year. Meditate on all that will never be.

     The B.S. Planner provides a light hearted look at success and achievement. Whereas the Black Dog is associated with depression, the Black Sheep is about having a laugh at life and the unrealistic expectations we sometimes place upon ourselves. Low self-esteem and self-worth are at epidemic levels likely amplified by social media and the internet.

     The black humor contained within The B.S. Planner makes a great gift for a laugh, or perhaps a not so subtle dig at someone who needs deflating.

     There are 183 pages comprising of monthly calendars and daily planner pages for organizing schedules and making notes. But most importantly it gives you space to have a chuckle! ☺

We think you’ll find this a valuable time management tool for home, school, office, or anytime when you’re on the fly and need to schedule.

At last, a Weekly Planner for those wanting a bit of serious fun!

     Large A4 pages provide plenty of room to write anything from social engagements to business meetings.

     Popular easy to use planner format shows a week-at-a-view to help keep you organized 7 days at a time.

     Calendar/planner covers 16 months (January 2019 -- April 2020). Helpful for anyone wanting to take charge of their time and manage their activities in 2019 and into 2020. Perfect for students and business people alike.

     Great for keeping track of all your business and social engagements for the next 16 months.

     Includes pages for notes and a full years calendar and space for recording names and addresses, phone numbers and passwords.

     Nice Large A4-letter size (11 X 8.5-Inches) format for plenty of room to write your stuff.

     Softback binding opens flat for ease of use.

     We think you’ll find this a fantastic time management tool for home, school, office, or anytime when you’re on the fly and need to schedule!

     Makes planning and scheduling a breeze!